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Supported living 16+

our approach will be to focus on supporting all children and young people, regardless of the complexity of their needs, to build resilience and positive mental wellbeing


We promote independence across all care settings especially at the comfort of your home by removing the barriers people face to get support, making care as effective and efficient as possible.

Supported Living

We provide supported accommodation with 24/7 staffing or floating support. We provide a nurturing environment to our clients.


Starlight Support Services is about improving an individual’s quality of life by taking a holistic approach to providing care and support. Holistic care means we look at all of our client’s needs (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual) and providing opportunities for these needs to be met. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each individual and plan and deliver support services in a holistic way to ensure that all the individual’s needs are met.

Our Principles and values

  • empowerment of individuals
  • promotion of choice
  • promotion of rights (to dignity and privacy, safety and security)
  • recognition of preferences
  • involvement of individuals in planning their support
  • respect for diversity, including individual identity, cultural beliefs, moral beliefs and values
  • anti-discriminatory practice
  • maintaining confidentiality

Why do business with us?

Customer service: We treat you with respect and dignity. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. They are there to take care of you.

The culture: Our environment is suited to make you feel at home your daily needs and communal aspirations are valued in your care plan and goal-setting program.

Trust: You can trust us to put your wellbeing and safety first every time. We aim to adapt and seek the best professional support for you at all times

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